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Join NailTheMix now and you’ll get a new multi-track session every month and a livestream where the producer mixes the song from scratch and explains exactly how they did it

You’ll also get access to our exclusive online community of NTM members, dozens of hours of our Mix Lab tutorials and more!

Sneak Preview:
Intervals "Lock And Key"

Just some of our guest mixers

Daniel Bergstrand
Mixes “Future Breed Machine” by Meshuggah
Adam “Nolly” Getgood
Mixes “Prayer Position” by Periphery
Andrew Wade
Mixes “Right Back At It Again” by A Day To Remember
Fredrik Nordstrom
Mixes “Chelsea Smile” by Bring Me The Horizon
Will Putney
Mixes “Mistakes Like Fractures” by Knocked Loose
Taylor Larson
Mixes “The Adventure” by Tom Lord-Alge

How does it work?

World-class Multi-tracks

Every month we’ll send you multi-tracks and a reference mix for a song recorded by top level engineers. Imagine being free to mix up to your potential, no longer held back by poorly recorded source material!

Mixing Competition

Here’s your opportunity to Nail The Mix! Once we release the multi-tracks you’ll have around 2 weeks to complete and submit your mix for our monthly competition. Everyone votes and anyone can win sweet audio-software and hardware prizes.

Live QNA Webinars

Join our live QnA and ask us questions! We’ll also co-host a video chat with the winner of the mix competition and they’ll discuss their mix, in detail. Learning from your peers is one of the most effective ways to improve your mixing.

Live Mix Event

Last but not least, we’ll host a live stream where we’ll mix the song, and answer your questions while doing it. This is your chance to be in the room during a pro mix session. And don’t worry, if you miss the event you can always enjoy it later via VOD.


Monthly Winners

Every month, for each mix session, the community votes on who has the best mix. Our members are the best in the business. These are a few of the winners.

  • Nail the Mix Membership
  • $19.99
    Per Month
  • New multi-track song files each month
  • Portfolio Builder: High quality stems you can mix and add to your portfolio
  • Monthly Mix competitions with prizes
  • Live QNA webinar chats
  • Access to exclusive audio forum “Private Producer’s Club” with industry’s most active audio professionals
  • BONUS subscription to the Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make it to a live stream event?
Don’t worry, you will have access to a VOD (Video On Demand) replay of the event for as long as you’re subscribed.

Does it matter which DAW I use?
No. The files we provide are stemmed in wav format so you can just import them into your DAW, and get to mixing! We also include meter, tempo, and song information.

Does it matter what kind of plugins I own?
No, you don’t need to have the same plugins we have. Plugins are tools for audio just like a hammer is a tool for construction. Plugins come in a variety of colors & tones, and they each provide a way to sculpt your mix. We educate you on all kinds of plugins, when how and why to use them, and we often give you additional solutions using alternative plugins for solving mixing problems with similar results. As long as you understand the reasons behind the decision making, you’ll know what to do. Oh and pro-tip, every DAW comes with stock plugins that are more than good enough for Nail the Mix.

Do I have to enter the mix competition?
No. But, we encourage it because it’s fun, and you’ll learn more about your strengths and weaknesses as a mixer. You won’t win cool prizes if you don’t compete!

If I join down the road can I still access previous months?
No, you can only access the files and videos for the months you’ve paid for. If you want a previous month’s material, you can purchase each one separately.

But what if I subscribe midway through the month?
Don’t worry, you’ll have access to the current month as well as the additional sessions you get when signing up!

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit cards or debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Can I download the videos?
The videos are stream-able as long as you’re subscribed. However, they are not to be redistributed or rebroadcast in any way without explicit permission from URM Academy.

Can I use these tracks for my portfolio?
Yes and no. Some tracks automatically get flagged on Content ID systems such as Soundcloud or YouTube. We take no responsibility in your activites outside of Nail the Mix. You may attempt to use your mix of a track provided by Nail the Mix solely for the purpose of your portfolio but only by following these legal and ethical terms and conditions: Up to 45 seconds of any portion of any track may be used as long as the original artist, producers, and engineers are properly credited. The proper information required for use of the track will be posted each month with the song description.